[magiclantern] raw2cdng 1.5.0


1.6.0 GUI raw2cdng

here’s a restyled and recoded version of raw2cdng. by now (17.04.2014) its of course a beta and i need as much response as possible to stabilize it. i’m fairly new to wpf and some crashes in beta1 were kind of myterious to me. nevermind, these are the features of 1.5.0:

  • native MLV and RAW Support
  • 10 12 and 14bit Support
  • multifilesupport
  • batch transcoding to cdng
  • transcoding to 16 bit and 12bit (original valuerange or maximized (with debias) cinemaDNG
  • audiosupport. if audio recorded, it will be saved as wav.
  • pink highlight fix for premiere CC (not needed anymore)
  • vertical banding fix (v1.6.1)->(optimized 1.7.0)
  • chroma smoothing (v1.6.3)
  • preview window – mouseover to scrub
  • thumbnail and histogram in listview
  • filenamegenerator for personal filename-creation
  • cr2-photo-whitebalance for the dngs (read raw2cdng1.3.0)
  • multithreaded
  • timecode in dng and wav (bext) – working in resolve
  • optional proxy jpegs with half resolution, rec709, not colorcorrected
  • proxy mpeg2- and h264-files with ffmpeg(1.6.0) Rec709
  • Whitebalancedata from Body (beta7)
  • implemented player. (drag/drop on app or do „open with..“)
  • Full Resolution Silent Picture (FSRP) compatible
  • its free, licensed under GPL, sourcecode on bitbucket

the files are compatible to premiere CC(pinkhighlightfix), speedgrade CC(conversionmatrix example in 1.4.5), resolve, photoshop, after effects, lightroom..


patch changes/fixes

1.7.5 beware! its a first fixed version after a long time. lacking splitted files i didnt tested it!
1.7.9 10 and 12bit supported


c# sourcecode on bitbucket

raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta1 – 10.04.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta2 – 17.04.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta3 – 23.04.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta4 – 11.05.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta5 – 18.05.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta6 – 21.05.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta7 – 08.08.2014
raw2cdng 1.6.0 – 09.09.2014
raw2cdng 1.6.1 – 21.09.2014
raw2cdng 1.6.3 beta – 21.11.2014 BUGGY
raw2cdng 1.6.5 – 25.12.2014
raw2cdng 1.7.0 – 28.02.2015
raw2cdng 1.7.1 – 04.04.2015
raw2cdng 1.7.2 – 06.04.2015
raw2cdng 1.7.3 – 07.04.2015
raw2cdng 1.7.4 – 08.04.2015
raw2cdng 1.7.5 – 24.02.2016
raw2cdng 1.7.9 – 21.12.2016

helper & diagnostics

mlvdiag 1.0.0 – 24.06.2014
mlvdiag 1.0.1 – 08.08.2014

bugs & todo

you’ll find discussions about cinemadng and magic lantern in the magic lantern forum. after changing to GPL and opening sourcecode, the issues should be noted on bitbucket.

* [b]stabilizing sourcecode
* [b]12bit maximized has an overflow – highlights come magenta&chaotic
* [t]implementing vertical banding (thx to ml-team)
* [t]implementing chroma smoothing (thx to ml-team)
* [t]finishing wpf-styling (fi gridview)
* [t]activating checkbuttons on listview
* [t]write more data into debugfile
* [t]filenaming conventions for resolve (auto audio/video-sync) (nearly done in beta3)
* [t]arriraw support (depending on next adobe update)


of course the development costs a lot of time. if you’re able to donate (if you’re a professional, you are for sure!), do! i was able to find my time writing this piece of code. now you!

by the way, thanks to g3gg0, a1ex, 1% and a lot more users on ml-forum, making this crazy thing reality. and of course the guys, who donated already..

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  1. you are the best! thank you so mouch!

    but why do not implement vertical banding?? is more more more more important!!!

  2. First thanks for the tool – its great. I just tried to use this version while simultaneously transferring large video file over the network. It crashed halfway through every time. Once I stopped the transfer it works every time which suggest to me the codes not catching an out-of-resources condition.

  3. thanks for testing. you’re absolutely right. i do no try{}catch{} and other exception trapping..

  4. Thanks Chmee! The speed is impressive, especially when adding the videos to the queue. Correct me if I’m wrong, is it not possible to delete videos/task from the list once they are added? They obviously clear once they are done, but I cannot manually remove then.

  5. @sergio
    is on todolist, there will be a checkbox, where you can enable or disable for the converting.

  6. just tried beta3, just crashed when starting. when i start as administrator it starts.

    i have never tried your software before, but let me just say thanks for your work anyways!

  7. sry, false positive. it seems it has nothing todo with starting as administrator. it crashes the first time, because it can’t find the log file. after the log file is created, it starts.

  8. is this the right place to do bug reporting or should we do it on bitbucket? because i got a few (which your probably know anyway since it WIP)

  9. Hey man,
    Just used your tool for the first time..I was told it would remove pinkdots, but the problem seemed to persist. Any advice?


  10. @jamil
    sorry. the pinkdots/dead/hotpixel-algorithm isnt implemented yet, will be there next days.

    thats indeed strange, you’re the first with this bug.

  11. Hello, I have the same problem like Arty. And when I put more files (means two and more) and want convert, program always crash. Work just with one files.

    Thanks for your super work…its fantastic !!!

    Maybe is something in my compiuter, version beta0 works firs time great, but know crash always. Idont know whats happent?

  12. Thank you for your impressive work! With beta3 I have some issuses:

    1. Can´t start the program if it lies in the windows program folder Tried to run as administrator, but then no files can be dragged in to. Other locations work well.

    2. Program crashes while converting larger files. This happens especially on my workstation with files above 1.8GB. But also on my laptop some work and others crash. I think it has something to do with the not handeld out-of-resources conditions described above, because when I use the HDD while converting it crashes more often.

    Everything else works fine for me. As I´m working with Assimilate Scratch 8 it might interest you that the files look just perfect there, too.

  13. UPDATE: Found out, that if I don´t use the preview function (do not click on the file-line) everything works fine.

  14. Hello, chmee! @tideg found a bug with big files. Same for me. 1.5.0beta3 crash with very big files (22 Gb). I can’t convert none of them 🙁 With small files all OK. Today take some test about file size and crashes

  15. Hello Chmee! I test beta3 crashes with big files. I shot files from 250 frames to 6000 (4 minutes with 25 fps) and all OK! But with 8 minutes (12000 frames) program crash 🙁 One time on 2900 frame, and one time on 3900 frame… this is very strange, because 4 minutes shot with 6000 frames convert ok… Somebody test beta3 with big files 8 minutes and more.


  16. Hey chmee, just wanted to say thanks very much for the excellent tool.
    I am using a pre .mlv version of magic lantern and am on Win 7 x64. I have found that 1.5.0 beta 3 does not like to accept a simultaneous drag and drop of multiple files and seems to become unstable (crashes) when using spanned .RAW files.

    I also found the program crashes when it encounters poorly written frames that are sometimes captured when a CF card reaches its capacity. When extracting frames using raw2dng I found it will extract all frames regardless of their condition, is it possible to implement that same with raw2cdng or perhaps an error message stating a proplem with the frame has been encountered?
    This may lead to less false reporting of errors with the application when in fact the problem is with the source file.

    Thanks again.

  17. V1.5 is another great step ahead. Thank you so much for all your work, chmee! Pink highlights finally to fix with a click.

    But I have to second that conversion of big RAW files seems to be buggy – but possible.

    Conversion of a 30 gb file got interrupted a couple of times (CDNG max. 16bit, Delta Pink H. on/replacing existing dng files on each run):

    1st run: 2139 frames
    2nd run: 3608 frames
    3rd run: 3608 frames
    4th run: 8983 frames – all frames converted. Conversion successful.

    My guess: it may depend on harddrive load of other running programms. And maybe other factors too.

  18. thanks for response. actually i’m busy because of work. after this weekend i’ll continue on beta4.

  19. Love the 12-bit conversion, quick and easy way to save a little space. Unfortunately, every time I try to convert 2560×1090, 2560×1072, 2560×1024 or even 3584×1320, the program instantly crashes.

  20. @infectus
    thank you for information. indeed 12bit conversion needs some spare array-fields to work properly. and this resolutions seem to need some more. i’ll put that into the issues on bitbucket as a bug.

  21. Awesome, thanks! I’m excited for this software! I got my camera to record 2560×1072 for over a minute last night with sound, so I’m getting really excited to put more work into a 2.5k ML raw workflow.

  22. Thank you for all Chmee !

    When are you going to implement vertical banding ? I think it’s the most important.

  23. Hello Chmee,

    from beta4 I can import more files at the same time.
    THX for you work!!!
    But I dont no why I can not import same filis.
    From one day filming Ihave 20. raw files and cant import 4.
    And with raw2dng it works.

    Here is one file, maybe you recognize what is wrong.

    Thanks again a lot!

  24. @jonathan cdng’s are dng’s with video-metadata. its a picture-sequence as well. cdng is not a videofileformat like mov, avi or mp4.

  25. Thank you! It’s very nice!

    Unfortunately I have problems… since the other version of the software with some files raw2cdng crash. I see that it arrives to around 1200 frame than crash… Smaller file (less that 1000 frame) no prob.

    I have win 7 pro 64bit, latest framework installed… and latest version (Beta 6) of your software..

    What do you suggest to try?

  26. in the next days there will be a small tool for diagnostics. maybe this will help. by now, please look while the tool is converting on the memory-usage inside the task-manager. does it fill up to ~1,5GB? if yes, there’s a memory leak i missed. did you tried another converter, if they screw up? maybe some bad data inside the files?

  27. Hi Chmee, I am recording raw MLV on 5D mark 2, what’s the best option for best quality? I am using CDNG 16 bit and then going to Resolve to output them as movie files. Is this my best option? Thank you.

  28. I’m basically trying to find the best option in raw2cdng to find out what gives the image most quality. I’m also unsure of the 16bit maximized vs regular 16 bit

  29. Hi there,

    Also wanted to say awesome work on the software, brings my workflow nearly to a two step process. However as I use a canon 650d chroma smoothing is essential for my post workflow and I just wanted to confirm that it is not implemented yet as the button is greyed out? A dual iso feauture would also be extremely useful.

  30. Hey, I’d like to work on this with you, I’m a developer that is learning C# as well, and have a few fixes I’ve pushed to ML as well, (Minor ones, my C is as weak as my C#), I had a suggestion on the code, wanted to run it by you, where is the best place to find you? IRC? Chat?

  31. Hey man,

    First off amazing job! This is a very intuitive tool! I love the pink dots removal and cannot wait for the vertical banding improvements! Did about 30000 frames at some impressive speeds. I really lopve the naming conventions System you have there!

    Donated some funds!


  32. Hi Chmee, thx again for all your hard work on this. Just wondering if you have an estimate on when vertical banding will be introduced to the program? Otherwise what a great app!

  33. Hi,
    I’ve been testing the latest and I’m still having problems with the pink dots, and when I check the Delta pink highlights the whole picture turn to a thick pink hue. Lastly, very often after I’m down using raw2cdng and hit exit it crashes instead of shutting down.

    I hope this helps.


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