[magiclantern] raw2cdng 1.5.0


1.6.0 GUI raw2cdng

here’s a restyled and recoded version of raw2cdng. by now (17.04.2014) its of course a beta and i need as much response as possible to stabilize it. i’m fairly new to wpf and some crashes in beta1 were kind of myterious to me. nevermind, these are the features of 1.5.0:

  • native MLV and RAW Support
  • multifilesupport
  • batch transcoding to cdng
  • transcoding to 16 bit and 12bit (original valuerange or maximized (with debias) cinemaDNG
  • audiosupport. if audio recorded, it will be saved as wav.
  • pink highlight fix for premiere CC (not needed anymore)
  • vertical banding fix (v1.6.1)->(optimized 1.7.0)
  • chroma smoothing (v1.6.3)
  • preview window – mouseover to scrub
  • thumbnail and histogram in listview
  • filenamegenerator for personal filename-creation
  • cr2-photo-whitebalance for the dngs (read raw2cdng1.3.0)
  • multithreaded
  • timecode in dng and wav (bext) – working in resolve
  • optional proxy jpegs with half resolution, rec709, not colorcorrected
  • proxy mpeg2- and h264-files with ffmpeg(1.6.0) Rec709
  • Whitebalancedata from Body (beta7)
  • implemented player. (drag/drop on app or do „open with..“)
  • Full Resolution Silent Picture (FSRP) compatible
  • its free, licensed under GPL, sourcecode on bitbucket

the files are compatible to premiere CC(pinkhighlightfix), speedgrade CC(conversionmatrix example in 1.4.5), resolve, photoshop, after effects, lightroom..


patch changes/fixes

1.7.5 beware! its a first fixed version after a long time. lacking splitted files i didnt tested it!


c# sourcecode on bitbucket

raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta1 – 10.04.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta2 – 17.04.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta3 – 23.04.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta4 – 11.05.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta5 – 18.05.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta6 – 21.05.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta7 – 08.08.2014
raw2cdng 1.6.0 – 09.09.2014
raw2cdng 1.6.1 – 21.09.2014
raw2cdng 1.6.3 beta – 21.11.2014 BUGGY
raw2cdng 1.6.5 – 25.12.2014
raw2cdng 1.7.0 – 28.02.2015
raw2cdng 1.7.1 – 04.04.2015
raw2cdng 1.7.2 – 06.04.2015
raw2cdng 1.7.3 – 07.04.2015
raw2cdng 1.7.4 – 08.04.2015
raw2cdng 1.7.5 – 24.02.2016

helper & diagnostics

mlvdiag 1.0.0 – 24.06.2014
mlvdiag 1.0.1 – 08.08.2014

bugs & todo

you’ll find discussions about cinemadng and magic lantern in the magic lantern forum. after changing to GPL and opening sourcecode, the issues should be noted on bitbucket.

* [b]stabilizing sourcecode
* [b]12bit maximized has an overflow – highlights come magenta&chaotic
* [t]implementing vertical banding (thx to ml-team)
* [t]implementing chroma smoothing (thx to ml-team)
* [t]finishing wpf-styling (fi gridview)
* [t]activating checkbuttons on listview
* [t]write more data into debugfile
* [t]filenaming conventions for resolve (auto audio/video-sync) (nearly done in beta3)
* [t]arriraw support (depending on next adobe update)


of course the development costs a lot of time. if you’re able to donate (if you’re a professional, you are for sure!), do! i was able to find my time writing this piece of code. now you!

by the way, thanks to g3gg0, a1ex, 1% and a lot more users on ml-forum, making this crazy thing reality. and of course the guys, who donated already..

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  1. Johann

    thanks for your answer chemee 🙂

    What about the highlight rollof? Is it the same?

  2. mohan

    The newest raw2cdng 1.7.4 version is discarding some frames. But with 1.6.1 it renders out perfectly. Haven’t tested those inbetween versions.

  3. Johann

    sad that it has become so quiet here

  4. florin


    I tried all versions on my Win 10 pc ( 64 bit) and it crashes when launching the app. The error is:“ the parameter is incorect“. What is the solution?

  5. Hi Chmee.
    Great utility. Thank you for all of your effort in building this resource.
    I have an issue. raw2cdng has started crashing when I load ML RAW files. These are .RAW not .MLV.
    It loaded and converted 10 shots sucessfully, but now crashes each time I drag files into the program.

    Running Windows 8.1 on a 64bit system. Asus G750 – Intel i7 – 32GB RAM


  6. chmee

    @Bob Beresh
    cant tell you from here, what it could be.

    (1) there will be a new version next days.
    (2) delete the raw2cdng.2.settings.json in [user]/AppData/Roaming. kind of hickup with a destination folder or the filename-pattern?

  7. Lorenzo

    Last release you posted today is a 1.7.4.zip, containing actually a 1.7.4.exe file with the same identical dimension of the previous one… it’s a mistake may be?

  8. chmee

    jepp. mistake. fixed.

  9. Lorenzo

    Great, I’m gonna try it!!!

  10. I’m using my 6D to create Full Frame Silent pictures in the MLV format. I noticed that version 1.6.1 works fine but none of the newer versions work (even the latest 1.7.5). When I drop the full frame MLV file into the newer version programs, they always crash the program. Something changed between 1.6.1 and all the newer versions when reading the full frame files.

    I’ve provided a (1) full frame video file (MLV) at the website below. When you drop it into the newer versions it crashes. I’m using Window 7 64-bit. I had to rename the extension on the file to (.bin) for it to be downloaded. Once you download it, you can rename it to (.MLV) and it should work.

  11. Berni


    it keeps crashing when the batch list is too long. I want to use it as command line tool to avoid that problem. I fugured out i can start it with the parameter -nogui it opens a window but i can’t enter any command. Is command line still in development? There are no infos about it anywhere.

  12. Johann SchĂĽr

    I cant say how excited Im about a new version!

    That keeps my 5D III in Business. 🙂

  13. Veresk

    Yeah, thanx Chmee! Personally, didn’t get any crash so far) nice one! Was waiting new version so so hard!

  14. Veresk

    Sorry, still missing frames with 1.7.5 ((
    I agree – same problem since 1.7.0

    Reverting to 1.6.5

    (Win 7×64, 128GB RAM, 2 Intel CPU = 32 logical cores)

  15. Jan de Lange

    Hi, just starting out with MLV.

    Thanks for this tool. Is there a user manual / FAQ on what settings to use?

    Canon 5D MK2, Lightroom, Premiere CS6, Win7 64 bit

    Thanks Jan

  16. chmee

    not really, theres no FAQ. just use it, as it is. set outputfolder, drag/drop, export as 16bit (and maybe you need verticalbanding-elimination). done. later, you maybe will change the output-naming of your files. a lot of informations are in the magiclantern-forum, theres a thread for it.

  17. kobe

    thankyou thankyou thankyou

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