[magiclantern] raw2cdng 1.5.0

here’s a restyled and recoded version of raw2cdng. by now (17.04.2014) its of course a beta and i need as much response as possible to stabilize it. i’m fairly new to wpf and some crashes in beta1 were kind of myterious to me. nevermind, these are the features of 1.5.0: native MLV and RAW Support… [magiclantern] raw2cdng 1.5.0 weiterlesen

[Adobe jsx] Dateinamen als Textlayer ausgeben

Photoshop Scripting anyone? Hier ein kurzes Beispiel, wie man alle Dateinamen eines Ordners ausliest und als Textlayer ausgibt. // Example of Reading all Files in a Folder // and creating Textlayers from its filenames // enable double clicking from the Macintosh Finder or the Windows Explorer #target photoshop // in case we double clicked the… [Adobe jsx] Dateinamen als Textlayer ausgeben weiterlesen