[magiclantern] CF Cards read write speeds

time for a short test with the komputerbay 64gb 1000x CF card. if you dont wanna read more, i can say, 32gb and 64gb versions have nearly the same specs on a 5DIII. its not only useful for the raw-movie mode, but for photography as well – it expands your ability to shot about 29 cr2-raws on full speed, but it does not stop after writing/filling the cache, its only slower, 2-3fps with hickups i assume.

Transcend 16GB 1000x CF

its the slowest of my 1000x CF cards. it cant deliver pleasant datarates for movie or picturemode. saying this, because the komputerbay-cards are hell of a bargain. so, tested with ATTO, on an internal usb3-cardreader its quite fine, read datarates ~127MB/s are really fine. but thats all, sorry. i conceive, the 32gb-versions could be significantly faster. dont have them.. the 16gb version costs about 45 Eur.


here are the benchmarks from magiclantern, tested on a 5DIII fw 1.1.3 with a build from apr13-2014



Komputerbay 32GB 1000x CF

here are the stars, shining thru the dark clouds. fast cf cards dont have to be expensive. havin such a card is helpful for the just-photographer and clearly for the magiclantern-user, exploring and filming in the worlds of mlv/raw. it just costs ~47 Eur for the 32gb card. here are the benchmarks. ATTO on the computer and movie-benchmark inside the body.



Komputerbay 64GB 1000x CF

nothing to say, sir. its nearly the same power, double the storagesize for about 82 Eur. the doublepack, 2 cards 64gb 1000x komputerbay, costs ~140 Eur. tested as well with ATTO and inside the body. creamy 90MB/s for fullHD at 24fps.




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